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Disk screens

Disk perforated mesh filter

Disk screens

Round punching filter

Disk screens

Stainless steel punching filter disc


Disk screen is a kind of sintered mesh with porous plate and flat woven mesh. Punching plate can be selected according to the needs of different thickness, flat woven net can be one or more layers.T he compressive strength and mechanical strength of the composite net are very high due to the support of punch plate. The two sintered together not only have the good permeability of flat mesh, but also have the mechanical strength of porous plate. Can be processed into cylindrical, disc, plate, cone filters.

Edged filter disc is made of high quality wire woven mesh and cloth. The weave is divided into plain weave and twill weave. According to the requirements of the use of stamping into a variety of filter screen, but also can spot welding a number of different mesh filter screen. All kinds of metal mesh, including single, multi – layer. Multilayer mesh has two layers, three layers, or as required processing. Also can process all kinds of materials and sizes of rectangular, square mesh, circular mesh belt.

Filter screen product structure: single layer, double layer, multi – layer.
Processing technology: double layer or three layer spot welding, welding spot is generally 4-10 different, also can be made according to customer requirements of single layer and double layer package edge.

Disk Screens


  1. Punchingplate as a support mesh, good rigidity, high mechanical strength
  2. High filtration accuracy and easy backwashing
  3. Mesh shape fixed, uniform gap size, no blind hole
  4. Resistance to corrosion and high temperature
  5. The filtration accuracy is absolute value with high heart rate, high pressure, good straightness, stainless steel material, without any burr, ensure long service life.
Disk screens

Perforated plate sintered mesh filter disc

Disk screens

High-strength punched sintered mesh

Disk screens

Double layer perforated plate mesh


  1. It is suitable for distillation, absorption, evaporation, filtration and other processes in petroleum, oil refining, chemical, light industry, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, ship, automobile and tractor industries, etc., to eliminate fog droplets and liquid foams entrainment in steam or gas, and to be used as an air filter on automobiles and tractors
  2. Widely used in chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food and beverage machinery, cigarette machinery, harvester, dry cleaning machine, hot table, muffler equipment, refrigeration equipment (central air conditioning) speaker, handicraft production, paper making, hydraulic components, filtration equipment and other industries.
  3. Machinery industry in a variety of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil cost precision filtration.
  4. The filtration and purification of various polymer solutions in the chemical fiber film industry, the filtration of various high-temperature and corrosive liquids in the petrochemical industry, and the filtration of materials in the pharmaceutical industry. Washing and drying
  5. Application of gas homogenization in powder industry, vulcanized plate in steel industry
Disk screens

Decorative round micro-hole punched plate filter

Disk screens

Composite sintered mesh punching plate

Disk Screens

Corrosion resistance disk screens

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