Project Description

Bird Cone Screen

bird cone screen

DEZE bird cone screens also could be called bird Guards, they are designed to prevent wildlife, included birds, from getting into chimneys such as oil and gas processors by mistake and hurt them, of course also reduce the risk of liability and penalties for bird injuries and the damage to machines caused by bird remains. Bird guards are common in the oil and hot gas exhaust pipes and chimneys of some heating processors.

DEZE bird cone screen main material are 100% stainless steel, stainless steel 304, 316, 316L. these quality metal material is produced into the bird cone screen with specified processing. The stainless steel perforated mesh plate thickness are changeable depending on the clients request screen diameter and screen height . DEZE standard bird cone screens are produced to fit all exhaust stacks and standard pipe sizes, of course special request sizes are acceptable to custom-made.

DEZE bird cone screen feature and advantage:

  • Its conical design makes it difficult for birds to stay;
  • Its perforated cover will not affect the gas emission of the chimney ,the perforated hole mesh size are OK to custom-made at the client’s request.
  • Its 100% stainless steel material is not easy to be damaged by the bad weather and high temperature industrial waste gas corrosion;
  • Easy to install and replacement with tools, long service time, save more time and money.

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