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V wire screen

Stainless steel welded seam screen is composed of two parts: support bar and screen bar. The strut can be round or triangular or trapezoid wire and the sieve is triangular wire (v-shaped wire).

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Our aim is to provide you with cost-effective, filtration solutions. Deze can not only provide replacement strainer screens for you, but also produce filtration elements that meet the needs of your equipment according to your drawings and description requirements.

While saving costs for customers, do not relax the pursuit of product quality. We know that cost savings are only valuable if the product meets the requirements for use.

Main products we can supply:

Main material of strainer filters we can supply:

Stainless Steel strainer screen: Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L are the most common raw materials for the production of strainer baskets and other strainer filter screens. Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, good welding performance and high cost performance. Stainless steel strainer filters are widely used in various industrial productions. Even in the food industry with high quality requirements, food grade stainless steel can also meet customer needs.

Titanium strainer screen: As industrial activities have increasingly higher requirements for strainer filter screens, titanium has been used more and more as a more powerful material. Titanium material has more excellent anti-corrosion performance, so it has a longer service life in some environments. Titanium metal itself is a metal material for aviation, with lighter weight and good ductility. However, in many cases, due to the strict requirements on the welding process, many difficulties will also arise during the use of the strainer filter screens.

Hastelloy strainer screen: Hastelloy has good corrosion resistance and thermal stability. It has excellent corrosion resistance to most corrosive media in the two atmospheres of oxidation and reduction. Mostly used in aviation industry, chemical field, etc. Hastelloy sheet is suitable for all kinds of chemical industries containing oxidizing and reducing media. Application areas, heat exchangers, bellows compensators, chemical equipment, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, paper industry, aerospace applications, acidic environments.

Other Material as customer requirement.

Your satisfaction is our highest requirement for ourselves.


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