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In line pipe screens

Well water filter pipe screen

In line pipe screens

Stainless steel strip seam filter cartridge

In line pipe screens

sand control screen


The wire wound screen adopts the advanced welding process, and the special stainless steel trapezoid (wedge) wire winding is welded on a group of longitudinal support bars arranged in a circular manner, so as to ensure its strength and service life.

Wedge-shaped wire welding sieve plate pressure curved screen is a kind of pressure on the wet screening of high efficiency screen, it is composed of screen surface, screen box, feeding device and outlet. Screen surface is the key component of pressure curved screen. It is made of stainless steel wedges.

Stainless steel fusion type filter pipe is composed of support bar and screen bar. The supporting bar can be round silk or triangular silk or trapezoidal silk. The screen bar is triangular silk (v-shaped silk) with precise gap size and high filtration accuracy. Strong structure, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, long service life, safe and reliable, etc.

in line pipe sreens


  1. With smooth screen surface, uniform clearance, good permeability, not easy to plug, high screening efficiency, long service life
  2. It is different from the general stainless steel wire braided network, its characteristics are anti-slip, hardness, good elasticity, anti-pressure, anti-vibration, anti-corrosion, not easy to plug, not close, not affected by the temperature, long service life, safe and reliable, low comprehensive cost advantages.
  3. The screen joint is strictly uniform, the opening rate is high, the screen filtering process effect is good, and the screen joint can be arbitrarily selected, can be processed into a variety of shapes of rigid screen filtering device
  4. It has the characteristics of smooth tube surface, no production edges and corners, no burrs, even cracks and no grease leakage
  5. Continuous crevices greatly increase the area of water that passes through, and therefore make better contact with the aquifer. V section structure to avoid blocking, ensure smooth flow. Continuous pores can be used effectively for a long time.
  6. Trapezoidal filter pipe has strong structure, high porosity and accurate gap size. Trapezoidal filter-pipe is easy to be backwashed, long service life, safe and reliable, low comprehensive cost
In line pipe screens

Stainless steel filter pipe gravel pipe

In line pipe screens

V wire wound wire screen

In line pipe screens

Wire wound screen Johnson filter


  1. Wedge mesh sieve hydraulic screen (arc screen, hydraulic screen, gravity curved screen) is currently mainly used in the starch industry for germ washing and fiber separation washing
  2. It is applied to hydrogeological drilling, geothermal, oilfield injection Wells, subsoil precipitation and coal field precipitation and natural gas development Wells
  3. It can be used in combination with deep well pump and submersible pump, as well as in water treatment equipment, environmental protection, desalination of seawater into industrial and domestic water, treatment of tap water and water softening treatment
  4. Petrochemical industry: terminal filtration of petroleum products, filtration of chemical acid and alkali liquids, recovery and filtration of organic solutions such as alcohol.
In line pipe screens

Stainless steel wedge wire wound wire screen pipe

In line pipe screens

Well T wire wound filter tube

In line pipe screens

Reverse roll screen pipe

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